Speaking, Part 2: Water

We recently looked at this part 2 question about water in class.

Describe an important body of water in your country (river/lake/sea).

You should say:

  • what it is called
  • where it is located
  • what one can do there

and explain why it is important.

Tip: There’s a huge range of possibilities Рa body of water can be one these

Many students spoke about a river which runs through their hometown, and the numerous activities they do there – jogging, cycling, enjoying a picnic with friends.

Others chose to speak about the sea & the seaside – being on the beach, swimming in the water and enjoying fresh seafood.

You could think about lakes where you can go fishing, camping or canoeing, enjoying the great outdoors. You could even talk about reservoirs where water is stored – perhaps for drinking water or hydroelectricity.

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