Here’s a useful tip for completing your listening and reading answers.

According to the the official IELTS handbook, Information for Candidates:

“You may write your answers in lower case or capitals” (Test Tips, page 6)

Writing in block capitals is a good idea here as it should be clearer for the examiner to read.

A curious thing is that you can also do the writing part of the exam ENTIRELY IN CAPITALS TOO! It’s not something I recommend but it’s interesting to know that it’s a possibility.

Enhancing Your Listening Skills

There are numerous resources available online to help you hone your listening skills.

BBC World Service is an excellent choice, and one of my favourite things is the short new bulletins they have on their website.

Listen as you commute on the bus to and from work, during your lunch break, or whenever you have a spare 5 – 10 minutes.Ā The newsreaders have a variety of accents so you can also practice tuning in to that too.

Try making it part of your daily routine and see what improvement you make.