Writing (Academic) Task 1: Introduction

In Writing Task 1 (Academic) you’ll be presented with some information. It can take a variety of different forms. 

You might be given some data:

  • bar chart/graph
  • pie chart
  • line graph
  • table

Alternatively, you might be given images:

  • map
  • diagram – flowchart, process

The aim of Academic Writing Task 1 is to write a report, taking the information given, and summarising what is most important.

Some key points:

–  The question will almost always ask you to:

“Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.”

Sometimes you will be given too much information – in that case focus on what is most important.

–  This is an academic report. The language should be formal.

– You must write at least 150 words – under-length answers will lose marks.

– You should spend 20 minutes of the exam writing your report. (Task 2 is worth more and you might want to attempt Task 2 first – just a suggestion!)

Report Structure

You can structure all Task 1 answers as 4 clear paragraphs:

  1. An introduction – what does the graph/table/diagram etc. show? You can paraphrase what you’re given on the question sheet.
  2. An overview – what are the most important features or trends? What are the main changes?
  3. A body – describe the most important pieces of data in more detail, and use any figures in your report. Divide this into 2 paragraphs to make it clear for the reader to follow – one long paragraph isn’t as clear.
1. Introduction
2. Overview
3. Body 1
4. Body 2

Leave a line between paragraphs to make it even clearer.

What not to include:

  • No opinion
  • No conclusion

You should not give your opinion in a Task 1 answer. Just write about the information you’re given – identify the most important features, describe them and compare them.

You should not write a conclusion in a Task 1 response – an overview works just fine. (Your Task 2 essay will need a conclusion, however!)

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