Speaking, Part 1: Space

In class last week we had a whole lesson on space, looking at questions for all parts of the speaking exam relating to this topic.

We’d previously looked at this part 1 question on space travel, but here are some further questions: 

  1. What do you think about the International Space Station?

Sample answer

To be honest, I don’t know a huge amount about it! It’s a multinational research project and the astronauts who work there carryout various different experiments. In my opinion working in space must be very challenging – living in such confined quarters for extended periods of time without being able to go outside or get time away from colleagues. I guess it’s the only office in the world that has a view of the Earth so it’s a pretty unique place to be.   

  1. Would you like to work in the space industry?

Sample answer

Going into space was a childhood dream for me, but these days I’m much more realistic. I’m currently working as a chef in a hotel so I’m not sure what opportunities would exist for me in the space industry, at least not in the short to medium term. The food on space missions has to last a long time so it’s freeze dried and I’m sure it’s tasteless. Perhaps in the future I’ll help develop and prepare meals which are more appetizing. Who knows, maybe I’ll end up working in one of the first space hotels!

  1. What is your opinion on space tourism?

Sample answer

Companies like Virgin Galactic are developing commercial programmes to take paying passengers into space and they’re already taking reservations, but at the moment it’s only limited to the super-wealthy who can afford the astronomically expensive ticket price. As far as I know, they are still at a testing phase and haven’t even launched service. One day however I believe the prices will become more affordable and it will no longer cost an arm and a leg. There is certainly enormous potential – science fiction is slowly becoming reality!

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