Speaking, Part 1: Where Are You From?

where are you from?

I was looking at some common part 1 exam questions with my students today.

This one – “Where are you from?” – comes up all the time. 

We could, of course, answer the examiner in a few short words, but this is a speaking exam so let’s offer just a little bit more.

Think about the following:

  • Which country are you from?
  • Which city/town/village are you from? 
  • Where is that place located within your country?
  • Where are you living now? 
  • Is your hometown famous for anything?Also think about the facilities your hometown has – shops, museums, restaurants, for example

Sample answer:

I’m Japanese – I was born and raised in Tokyo, but I’m currently living in Sydney.

Tokyo is the capital of Japan. It is a sprawling, bustling megacity, with a population of over 13 million. It is the economic and administrative heart of my country – many global companies and government departments are based there and it also happens to be where the Emperor & the Imperial Family reside. It can be a chaotic place but at the same time there are many parks where residents and visitors can find peace and quiet.

Tip: This is the sort of question that always comes up. As you study, think about what you would say if asked it and prepare a high quality answer.

However, in the exam don’t sound like you’ve memorised your response – aim to delivery this naturally. 

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