Describing Objects

In this lesson we began by looking at a slideshow of various different objects:

Then, in pairs, students brainstormed words, thinking about the following:

  • shape
  • size
  • texture
  • weight
  • colour
  • material

They wrote down their ideas on this handout and we shared our ideas together as a class.


There was some interesting language that came out of this lesson:


  • This is a luxury watch, luxury timepiece
  • Rolex is a Swiss luxury watchmaker 
  • stainless steel – this watch has a stainless steel bracelet


  • This is an iconic handbag from world-renowned fashion house Chanel
  • It is a designer handbag
  • It is made from leather > aged calfskin
  • It has a metal buckle and chain > gold metal


  • This is an antique Chinese vase > ceramic, porcelain
  • blue and white – “vivid shades of cobalt-blue”
  • pear shaped body


  • wood > hardwoodrosewood 
  • doors with elaborate carvings of dragons
  • brass locks and hinges


  • This phone has curved edges
  • razor-thin
  • fits comfortably in the palm of your hand
  • cutting-edge technology, state-of-the-art

Take a look at the language that is used on each of the websites – they use some interesting language in their descriptions – take note of any words or phrases you think are of use.


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