Speaking, Part 3: Moving Abroad

This part 3 question followed our part 2 question about moving to a new city.

Q. Is it necessary to know about a country before moving there?

Sample answer:

Relocating overseas is a major step in one’s life so it’s important to be well-informed before packing up and shipping out.

I think finding out about local laws & customs is essential. What might be common in your home country, such as gestures, might not be in your new home, and you wouldn’t want to offend anyone. Etiquette is important too. In South Korea, for example, there are many rules that should be followed when eating and drinking. Foreigners frequently make many a social faux-pas but locals are very forgiving. I think it’s better to be aware, nonetheless.

Furthermore, there are practical elements that must be considered concerning daily life, for instance the cost of living. Someone moving to Norway might be shocked at the price of alcohol – a pint of beer is over $12 in some places. However, if that’s proportional to the salary you’ll receive locally it may not be seem so expensive. 

So I do think doing some research is needed. 

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