Speaking, Part 2: Describe a City…

This was our part 2 question in speaking class today:

Describe a city you would like to move to in the future.

You should say:

  • what this place is called
  • where this city is
  • what you know about this city

and explain why you want to move to this city

Sample answer:

It’s been my dream to live in Stockholm since I was young, so if I could choose to move anywhere in the world, it would be there.

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden. It’s in Scandinavia, in northern Europe. It’s actually the largest city in the Nordic region, although it has a population of less than a million – compared to Tokyo or even London it’s practically a town. That’s part of its appeal actually.

I’ve visited the city a number of times on holiday and for some work placements. It’s a very clean & green place, spread out over a number of islands – I guess that’s why some people call it “the Venice of the North”. It has a well-developed public transport system so getting around is pretty straightforward. There’s a wide range of shops, cafés and restaurants too – I’m a big fan of the coffee culture there. However, one downside is it’s much more expensive than where I’m living just now. 

I’d love to make this my new home for a number of reasons.

My major is Fashion Design and Marketing and there are some global players in the fashion industry who have their headquarters in Stockholm. As I mentioned, I’ve been there before for work placements and made many connections. I actually had a couple of interviews previously but at the time I didn’t have the experience they were looking for.

Secondly, the Swedish work-life balance is something that really appeals to me. The locals have a shorter working week than I do now, and they can take advantage of everything the city has to offer – including the short boat ride to the nearby archipelago. 

I also find it a very beautiful place – both the architecture and the interior design, plus the clothes everyone is wearing – it’s like a living lifestyle magazine. Being surrounded by such influences would inspire my creativity. 

It gets really cold in winter, and it can snow quite heavily but the summer would make it all worthwhile – it stays lighter later and people spend time outdoors enjoying time with friends and family.

Having this improved quality of life would be fantastic and I could really further my career in such an environment, so I’m working hard to relocate here as soon as I can.

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