Speaking: Part 1

In part one of the speaking test:

  • Aim for answers that are 2 or 3 sentences in length (approximately 20 seconds)
  • Use lots of description, a range of tenses, throw in an idiom or two

Let’s take a look at a couple of common part one questions:

  • Q1. Where do you live? 
  • Q2. Do you work or study? 

We could answer these very simply:

  • A1. I live in Edinburgh
  • A2. I work for a hotel chain

However, we want to show the examiner willingness to speak. Here are some suggested answers:

Q1. Where do you live?

I’m currently living in the centre of Edinburgh, the beautiful Scottish capital. I absolutely love living in this part of the city, with everything on my doorstep. I’m a stone’s throw from a whole host of convenient facilities and there are so many restaurants and bars in the neighbourhood – I’m really spoilt for choice.

Q2. Do you work or study?

I’m actually doing both at the moment. I used to have a full time position at my company but I recently reduced my hours in order to focus on my studies. I work in the reservations department of a large hotel chain and my manager has been very supportive, allocating me shifts that fit around my classes.

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